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Representative example: £1200 loan taken over an 18-month term will have a total payback amount of £1570.50, at an APR of 36% with the payable interest amount will be £370.50, and a monthly repayment of £87.25. The loan amount does not need to be paid as a lump sum and can be repaid in instalments.

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What We Offer

Payday Loans

A Payday loan is a short-term loan that is typically availed to meet immediate small-sized financial needs. As the name suggests, the payday loans are loans that should be repaid by the next payday or when the next paycheck comes in. It is an unsecured loan and is also available for bad credit scores.

Unsecured Loans

An Unsecured loan is a type of short-term loan in which a security or collateral is not placed as surety in exchange for a loan. Although creditworthiness is an important criterion for unsecured loans, many financiers or lenders provide these quick hassle-free loans even for borrowers with bad credit scores.

Bad Credit Loan

A Bad Credit loan is a type of short-term loan that is offered for people with poor credit scores. It is an unsecured loan that is credited by a credit union or a financial lender to the borrower who has a low or bad credit history. Since there is no surety, considerable APR will be imposed depending on the loan amount and other.

Debt Consolidation Loan

A Debt Consolidation loan is a type of short-term loan which is typically used for merging all the outstanding dues as a single consolidated debt and paying it off all at once. This single debt consolidation loan is later paid in a scheduled manner. The money is credited by a credit union or a financial lender to the borrower.

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Use Our Loans and Fulfill Your Financial Exigencies

Here are a few reasons that show why we are poles apart from other financing companies and are more favored by the customers for availing different loans for your diverse financial needs.

  • We work only with licensed and regulated lenders
  • We have a far-flung network of reliable and virtuous financiers
  • FleetQuid provides a transparent & a hassle-free application process
  • Our lenders will keep in mind all your strengths and limitations
  • We will process the loan application soon to give quick decisions
  • Our finance team will provide unsecured loans for bad credit scores also
  • We offer different loan options for various employment criteria
  • Our financiers will provide the loan money promptly with easy repayment options
  • No restrictions will be imposed on how to use the loan money
  • Our representatives are available round-the-clock to help you
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Quick loans bad credit

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Check My Eligibility

Want to check if you are eligible for a loan with us? Use the Eligibility Checker and know it yourself!
For you to be eligible for any of our loans, you should satisfy the following criteria first!

  • Should be 21 years of age and above
  • Should be a legal UK resident
  • Should have a permanent UK address
  • Should have a regular income
  • Should have an active UK bank account
  • Should not have been bankrupt in past 1 year
Am I Eligible?

APR Disclosure:

Representative example: £1200 loan taken over an 18-month term will have a total payback amount of £1570.50, at an APR of 36% with the payable interest amount will be £370.50, and a monthly repayment of £87.25. The loan amount does not need to be paid as a lump sum and can be repaid in instalments.

FleetQuid is not a direct lender but functions as an authorized broker who is thoroughly regulated by the FCA. We provide free services for our customers to use this website. We work by comparing the loan options from more than 40 lenders as per your requirements and will get you the most preferable options with the lowest possible APR. You can apply for a loan amount ranging from £100 - £5000, for which the lenders will apply considerable APR depending on the loan amount and other factors, with the maximum rate being 36%.

Non-Payment Connotation

Every lender has their own policies regarding the fees, interest rates, and repayment terms. If you are unable to repay the loan on time as per the terms of agreement, then the lenders may contact you by mail, phone, or by letter, to rearrange payment. However, if you repeatedly dodge making payments, then a few lenders may take legal steps and impose non-payment charges. Kindly read through the terms and policies so that you know everything before finalize a loan agreement.

Repayment Collecting Practices

All our lenders will follow ethical and legal rules while approving a loan and also at times when the customer does not repay on time, as per the terms of loan agreement. In case of a missed payment, the lenders will try to contact you either by phone, email or by sending a letter so that you can rearrange for the loan payment. If there is continued non-payment, then the case may be handed over to a collection agency that may add further charges or increase the interest rates. Non-payment of loans on-time may affect your credit scores adversely.

Loan Overhauls

If you want to renew or overhaul your loan, you will have to intimate the lender beforehand. Most lenders will impose the same APR and fees on the total due amount even for the next month. In most cases of non-payment, the loan term will be renewed or extended automatically and additional interest or other charges might be applied to your loan account.It is advised to think well and talk to the lender about the renewal terms and policies before finalizing it.