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Debt Management

If you owe your creditors the money which you had borrowed as a loan, and are not in a position to repay it, you can seek help and make the necessary arrangements to pay off your debts. In the UK, there are many debt management plans & solutions from which you can choose the one that is most preferable & suitable for your situation. Many financial institutes that are backed by the UK government offer many options that could potentially help you get out of your debts in a more manageable way. Different countries in the UK have different rules & regulations, so it is imperative that you are aware of all the terms in regard to the debt management solutions as per the country & state laws where you are residing. Every person has a different debt situation, and one solution is probably not suitable to resolve the different issues. So, at FleetQuid, you can choose from our different debt management services and get out of your debt spiral in a more controlled way.

Our Debt Management Services

Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)

IVA is a legally-binding debt management solution in which you state your incapability of paying the entire debt & an insolvency practitioner will settle things in between you and the creditors. If all the terms are agreed upon, you will have to pay only the amount that you can afford towards the debt repayment.

Debt Relief Order (DRO)

DRO is a formal debt management plan for people who have a relatively lower debt level and fewer assets. Many different debts like overdrafts, credit card dues, utilities, rent, loan funds, etc., can be included under DRO. To qualify for a DRO, your total debt amount should be less than £20,000.

Debt Help

Have many debts and can't pay them? Debt Help plans can help you overcome your financial issues. There are many debt management plans in which your debts can be repaid manageably with affordable payments. You can choose the suitable debt help solution according to your situation & pay your debts.

How It Works?

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Debt Management Solutions In The UK

There are many legal debt management solutions in the UK that are backed by the UK government & the financial institutions, and primarily focus to decrease the pressure on the individuals due to the debts & its consequences. Countries in the UK like England, Wales, Northern Ireland, etc., have a different set of rules & regulations when it comes to these debt help solutions.

The most common debt management services across England, Wales, Northern Ireland, etc., include -

  • DMP - Debt Management Plan
  • IVA - Individual Voluntary Arrangement
  • DRO - Debt Relief Order
  • Bankruptcy
  • Debt Consolidation
  • County Court Administration Order

However, they are different in Scotland. In Scotland, there are different rules & regulations, and they include programs like -

  • MAP - Minimal Asset Process
  • PTD - Protected Trust Deed
  • DAS - Debt Arrangement Scheme
  • Sequestration - Scottish version of Bankruptcy

Benefits of Availing Debt Management Services From Us

  • Professional support from the most qualified & licensed insolvency practitioners
  • Proactive, customer friendly, & sympathetic approach towards the debtor
  • Assured 100% privacy & confidentiality about the debt consultation process.
  • Various debt help solutions for different financial circumstances
  • Considerable reduction in the monthly debt amount repayments
  • Settlements to make the debt repayment profitable to the debtor & the creditor

Check My Eligibility

Want to check if you are eligible for the debt management solutions with us? To qualify for any of the debt help services, you should satisfy the following criteria first. However, every debt management solution has different eligibility criteria, which depends on the financial circumstance of the individual, and other factors.

  • Should be 21 years of age and above
  • Should be a legal UK resident
  • Should have a permanent UK address
  • Should have a regular income
  • Should have an active UK bank account
  • Should not have been bankrupt in past 1 year
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