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FleetQuid is not a direct lender but is a fully authorized & regulated credit service that functions as a broker to connect the borrowers with prospective lenders for the sole purpose of availing short-term loans held under suitable agreements. We provide free-service and do not charge the customers for availing our website’s broker services. Our revenue comes from the commission paid by the lenders or other brokers when a customer uses this website and enters into a definite consumer credit agreement with a prospective lender or other brokers. FleetQuid (herein referred to as the ‘website’) has given in detail the privacy policy related to using this website for the borrowers to know and understand how their information shall be used and handled.

The ultimate intention of collecting the user’s PII and NPII is to connect them with the prospective lenders and to expose them to the ads, services, promotions, etc., that are relevant to their requirements. We may pass on the PII to the lenders and other third-parties who have expressed interest in the user’s requirements and are ready to provide the needed services. Also, we may use the PII to overcome any fraudulent activities, to customize our services, and to help in solving any technical issues, in order to provide a better user experience while using the website. Also, these PII and NPII details may be used by other third-party marketers or agencies in order to provide a widened exposure to more products for a better and easy search. The users may be contacted via telemarketing calls, emails, letters, etc.

This page pertains to the e-Consent policies of FleetQuid and has been put up with the sole purpose to acquaint the user with the aspects of making online transactions and communications via this website. In addition to the PII, as a user, you will have to also provide us with your e-signatures that will be considered as your e-consent for all the legal purposes in relation to the disclosures and other loan-related purposes that have been applied for on our website. It is requested that the e-consent details are thoroughly read and understood by the user, as it will help assert your customer rights in the event of receiving any legal notice or disclosure from us.

Your continued usage of our services and website to apply for a loan from our network of lenders implies that you have read, understood, and agree to all the terms, conditions, and policies that have been mentioned on the FleetQuid website. Furthermore, it also implies that you approve that your e-signatures, e-records, e-documents, e-disclosures, etc., that have been shared with us to be used or shared the lenders or other third-parties for purposes associated with processing your loan application and other-related transactions.

In-Print Disclosure Copies

If you successfully apply for a loan using this FleetQuid website, you are allowed to place a request to receive all your records, disclosures, documents, etc., associated with your loan application process with us, as in-print copies. Also, you can contact us or approach your lender directly for any in-print copy of the entire loan process. It is to be noted that you may have to pay any applicable additional charges for printing the copies and postal services. Along with your lender, we also have an extra set of all the hard copies of the documents that have been handed over to you for any future reference.

E-Consent Comprehensiveness

The outlook of this e-consent is applicable to various communication modes of the different transactions that happen in between you, and your lender. Furthermore, the scope also extends to all the communication on the different e-devices, including but not restricted to desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. Once the e-consent has been confirmed, your application for the loan will be pushed ahead, and you shall be notified about it through any suitable communication mode. Also, we or your lender may ask for any additional documents or disclosures.

System & Network Provisions

For the purpose of having a smooth electronic interaction and communication in between you and us, we request you to have a befitting electronic device and a good network connection. A few of the basic network and system requirements include -

  • An electronic device that compatible and easily accessible, along with a fast & secure network connection.
  • A valid email account for effective & quicker communication.
  • The advanced version of stable browsers like Chrome, Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc., supporting 128-bit encryption.
  • The advanced version of PDF readers like Foxit, Adobe Acrobat, etc.
  • Enough space to save and store all the important e-files.
  • Compatible for printer connection to take prints of documents.

The lender shall be notified about any limitations or issues that may occur while communicating with us or while making transactions with the lender so that appropriate steps can be taken at the earliest.

Alterations In The E-Consent

The complete right to add, delete, modify, or update any policies or clauses on this website lies with FleetQuid, and the alterations can be done at any point in time, without giving any prior intimation. So the user is requested to keep checking the website and its policies for any changes, time and again.

Withdrawing The E-Consent

Once the e-consent is confirmed, it is not possible to withdraw it. In the event when you wish to withdraw your e-consent or discontinue the use of your e-signature, you shall place an official request for the same, following which we shall take suitable steps, in accordance with the relevant rules & regulations. It is to be noted that withdrawing the e-consent will not lead to any change or affect the validity or the influence of the originally signed-up e-consent. However, upon withdrawal, you will no longer be eligible to use our website to avail of any new services.

Accurate Contact Details

In order for us to provide a smooth user experience and one of our best services, we request you to provide us your authentic and accurate contact details, including but restricted to your residential address, phone number, email address, etc. Any change in any contact information will have to be intimated to us and to the lender at the earliest. You can either place the update via an email or visit us in-person for the update.

Access To Disclosures

The confirmation of your e-consent implies that you oblige to follow all the terms, conditions, and the policies that have been mentioned on this website. Also, it implies that you consent to give accessibility to your disclosures, which may be used for any genuine loan-related purpose.


By clicking on the tick box in the online loan application and submitting your form, you imply that you thoroughly read all the terms, policies, and conditions, and understood them well, and agree to abide by every one of it, until the completion of association. Also, you acknowledge that you shall oblige with all the policies in regard to the e-transactions pertaining to the agreements, records, protocols, disclosures, etc. By confirming your e-consent, you approve that your e-signature or any e-document to be used for any legitimate purposes in regard to loan processing transactions. In case, you do not wish to provide your e-signature or e-consent, there shall not be any further transactions with us.

APR Disclosure:

Representative example: £1200 loan taken over an 18-month term will have a total payback amount of £1570.50, at an APR of 36% with the payable interest amount will be £370.50, and a monthly repayment of £87.25. The loan amount does not need to be paid as a lump sum and can be repaid in instalments.

FleetQuid is not a direct lender but functions as an authorized broker who is thoroughly regulated by the FCA. We provide free services for our customers to use this website. We work by comparing the loan options from more than 40 lenders as per your requirements and will get you the most preferable options with the lowest possible APR. You can apply for a loan amount ranging from £100 - £5000, for which the lenders will apply considerable APR depending on the loan amount and other factors, with the maximum rate being 36%.